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Back in the Win Column

October 19, 2009

Well a win is a win. This win seemed to be like the GA vs. Vandy contests that most of the Bulldog Nation has been used to for a long time. The Commodores came into the game ranked 22nd nationally in defense and while that may be slightly deceiving, it still says a lot that the Dawgs were able to put up nearly 400 yards of offense. Even more encouraging is to see the running back by committee of 5 rack up nearly 170 yards on the ground. Granted, it was late in the game and against a typically lower teer team, but perhaps this can jump start an under performing part of our offense that is Crucial to its success. It is no coincidence that Georgia’s most dominating performance of the year came on the day that there was a strong showing in the run game. As exciting as that is, how great is AJ Green? I’ve said several times that he is just the biggest kid on the playground. He is an NFL talent playing in college and it is obvious. If ever there was a more misleading stat, it is Joe Cox’s 65 yard td pass to Green. He took a 2 yard screen and went into the endzone untouched. Sometimes i think i like our odds if every single play was a fly route to AJ. Speaking of freak athletes, Brandon Boykin has 600 return yards and is en route to smashing a Georgia record.

The attitude of the team is certainly different than Georgia teams of recent memory. Georgia’s goals were this year, like most years, to win an SEC and National Title. With those goals realistically behind them, the team has a one week at a time mentality. Michael Moore said that the team is now playing for the fans. Georgia is an extremely talented team with nothing to lose which could be a dangerous combination for the remaining teams on the schedule. Obviously there are no certainties but the Dawgs have the ability to stay with anyone or get blown out by anyone.

Just a few meanderings:
Was Fred Munzenmaier’s TD eerily similar to a certain Herschel Walker’s run that involved Bill Bates being trucked and forever placed into Georgia lore? Please don’t get me wrong. I am in no way comparing the two players but that is the type of play that the Junkyard Dawgs make. This team needs to create an excitement and a swagger in the next few years and a play like that excites me!

Georgia Vanderbilt Football

Let me be the latest person to say “Florida is beatable.” yes, yes it seems like everyone is saying it but its true. After a close call to a very over rated LSU team and a struggling Arkansas team it seems the Gators have a few chinks in their armor. Florida’s offense mustered 23 points on the same team that Georgia scored 52 against. I have a feeling that Florida will bounce back, but this seems to be a trend and I would love to have the Dawgs be a knock out punch in Jacksonville.

Mike Bobo called the game from the field and from the results it seemed to be a success. With so much criticism flying the coordinators way its good to see him being proactive about the offensive struggles. I think that there is Much more going on behind the scenes and that can be difficult for a fan base who wants improvement but can’t see anything being done to rectify the problems. This is a good sign to me that the staff is willing to try anything out to help.

edited by Fratt Stinchcomb-

First of all I would like to apologize for my recent lack of posting. School has become increasingly busy and I havent been as motivated as I need to be. Im sorry.

Second, AJ Greek did a great job of wrapping up the game. He lightly touched on something I would like to expand on. The beatability of Florida. The Gators have won sixteen strait football games. I hope its seventeen by the time they play Georgia. If Florida would have lost this past weekend, it would have been extremely unlikely that they would have lost the rest of the season. Tim Tebow would come out with another speech and say the team was never going to lose again and Lee Corso would just talk about how great Tim Tebow is for the rest of eternity – oh wait he already does. A team that has won as long as the Florida Gators have has got to fall sometime. And like Greek pointed out, what a time for Georgia to step up and perform. Two weeks – an eternity in football terms – to prepare for one of the best teams in the nation. Georgia has nothing to lose by playing rough and scrappy, like the “Junkyard Dawgs” of days gone by. If Georgia loses, so what? As long as they left everything they have on the field I dont think a single Georgia fan will complain. I know I wont. However, they have to, I repeat, HAVE TO leave everything on the field and play with a “raging passion.” A passion that we need to build and hold on to and establish as the swagger for Georgia football.

This past week was a positive step for the dawgs: a win. We came out of Nashville with a blowout and you have to be happy about that. Bulldawg Nation, I urge you all to put away your swords these next few weeks about the coaching moves you think need to be made and support the players and coaches we have now. I guarantee you they will not change for the rest of the season. Be in Jacksonville and be just as loud as if we were a top ten team in the nation. This is where the true Dawg fans will be determined. Who stays on the train this week and who jumps off. Lets go out there and win “one for the Gipper” Dawgs.

Until next time, “You stay classy Classic City.”

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