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5 Reasons the Dawgs will Win Saturday

October 29, 2009

1. Florida is riding a 17 game winning streak. Anytime a team has won this many games in a row the chance of a loss increases every week. The Gators have everything to lose this game. A loss means most likely no repeat national championship. Georgia on the other hand has nothing to lose. A win would be great but a loss would not be devastating at this point of the season, so why not pull out all the stops and do everything we can to win.

2. The off week. It may only seem to a week to the common person but let me tell you from experience how nice an extra week is. For one, practice was always more productive because the players know that a break is coming. Another thing, a week allows bodies to rest and the minor week to week injuries to heal. And, you cant forget about the extra week the coaches have to prepare a game plan. Always a plus. Florida has had three tough weeks in a row. Could be a big difference.

3. Georgia has something up its sleeve. I dont know what it is but it will be revealed on Saturday. Mark Richt is always thinking and will have something to give us an edge. The celebration a few years ago was genius. I would do it every year and make Urban Meyer and the rest of the Gator faithful take it. I was watching the celebration again today and payed particular attention to what Florida did to respond. The verdict: they couldnt. Tim Tebow tried his normal antics of jumping up and down and waving his arms but it didnt work. They were stunned and I loved it. I dont know if an en masse celebration will happen again but something will. Im calling it. (This is just my theory and something I think BETTER happen)

4. Georgia showed signs of putting together a complete team effort against Vandy two Saturdays ago. This would be a great time for everything to click and have the Dawgs pull it all together. I believe the extra week is exactly what we needed to have to make this happen. From reports, the players have taken it upon themselves to put in extra work these past two weeks. As the old adage goes, “Hard work pays off.”

5. Tim Tebow might be Superman but he isnt the second coming of God. It has been revealed that he – and the entire Gator team – is not flawless and can make mistakes. Georgia has to force these mistakes. A defensive game plan similar to that of 2007 needs to be in order where we held Tebow to negative rushing yards and sacked him six times. The dawgs should pin their ears back and rush Tebow all day. Get him rattled, make that concussion come back, whatever it takes.

Im heading to Brunswick in about 4 hours. Im ready to get in the stadium and see those beloved Dawgs GATA. I have a great feeling about this game as do many members of the Bulldawg nation. Its going to be a fun Saturday in Jacksonville.

Here are some videos to get you ready for the game. I have been watching them all day.

Until next time, “You stay classy Classic City.”

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