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5 Reasons the Dawgs Lost

November 2, 2009

1. PENALTIES AND TURNOVERS. They were killer. Every time the Dawgs started moving the ball a flag would come in for something stupid. A false start here. A personal foul there. Granted it was the typical bias officiating of the SEC crews. The almighty Florida could do no wrong for the first little while. I couldnt believe it when they finally went against the God of the SEC and threw a flag on the Gators. Shocked is the best word to describe my feelings. Despite the bias, penalties spelled death for the Dawgs. We move the ball the first drive only to have Orson Charles false start in a third and short situation. Later, a lineman gets called for “unnecessary roughness.” Im sorry its football, roughness is necessary all the time. Bad call? Yes, but still a call none the less. Later after a big touchdown we stop them inside the 20 on the ensuing kickoff only to have a questionable late hit foul come in and move the almighty Gators 15 more yards closer to the end zone (trust me, they dont need any help getting there). The turnovers didnt help either. Although Joe Cox has put the game on his tab, you cant put this whole thing on his shoulders. The routes called dont always reflect his strengths. He can hit receivers with accuracy and precision but doesnt have the best arm strength. Why try to hit people across the middle where arm strength is key? Hit them at the corners. Just a suggestion but I feel its too late.

2. Tim Tebow isnt God but he is close. I have never seen someone have such an impact on the game. I sat and watched the game with my Dad and he kept on saying I guarantee Tim Tebow will run the ball. Everyone knew it, the problem is he cant be stopped. When he starts moving, if he has to have 5 yards, he will get it. I am in no way saying I like Tim Tebow – because I dont. I cant stand him. I know all the great work he does but maybe its just because he plays for Florida or his cocky attitude I dont know but I hate it. But even though I do hate him, I will give him the fact that he is a heck of a college football player within this offense and he will be hard to replace next year for the Gators but thank the Lord he will be gone for the Dawgs and the rest of the SEC.

3. Fan support. To put it plainly, I was very disappointed with Dawg fans Saturday. I know there wasnt much to cheer about but even early in the game, when Florida had the ball, there was no noise coming from the Georgia side of the stadium. Believe it or not, the noise makes a lot of difference to those players on the field. They get excited, they want to play, they feed off of the emotion. On the other hand, Florida fans were as loud and proud as ever. Not only was there side full of orange and blue but a good bit of the Georgia side was dotted with orange and blue and I was saddened. (I wanted to fight multiple Florida people around me but luckily CEF and my parents were there our it might have gotten ugly) If you were one of those people who sat there during the game and didnt make noise or sold your ticket, especially to a Florida fan, you should be ashamed. Before you can question the team, question your own loyalty. There is no reason you cant make some noise in the game or sell your ticket to one of the thousands of students at Georgia eager to go to the greatest game all year. If you think Im kidding about any of this Im not. I stayed until the final tick went off the clock. I wasnt about to give up on MY Dawgs, you shouldnt either.

4. I wrote before the game we would use the off week to put together a full team effort. We didnt. Our defense again didnt give our offense chances by getting turnovers and everytime we needed a stop, it seemed like they would miss 8 tackles and every Florida runner would barley get the first down. Im not absolutely sure of the third down percentage for Florida, but Im sure it was through the roof. Georgia’s offense on the other hand didnt do our defense any favors either. Four turnovers in the second half. A halfback draw on third a fifteen. At times I thought our mix of run and pass was great other times it stunk. Consistency is the sure bet sign of a good football team, Georgia has had no part in consistency this year. I blame it on coaching and playing, a change is needed.

5. AJ Green was mia**. Granted he had three catches that came in big situations, he did not have a ball thrown to him around the endzone or at a place where he could make a play, every time he was thrown to he was hit within seconds of the catch. You have to use your best player’s skills and we never used him to his full potential. He could have played a big role in this game. Instead he was virtually a no factor and could be out this week with an injury because he was hung out to dry over the middle. You have to let playmakers make plays and in this game, it simply did not happen.

Disclaimer** The last point did not come straight from my head, CEF came up with that one. She thought of it on the bus. Yes I said she. Incredible and true.

A few more game notes…

I thought the uniforms were a great idea. I know some of the other writers at Behind the Columns disagree with me but I know from experience what blackouts and different things like that can do. I know that as a football player, you get excited about crazy things. If my coach in high school would have brought out all black uniforms for a game as a surprise I know I would have been more excited. I know some people were upset about breaking the tradition of the silver britches and red helmets but I say why not. The players were excited about the uniforms but Michael Moore put it best, after the opening kickoffs, it didnt matter what color pants the team was wearing, the main concern was beating Florida. Plain and simple that didnt happen. However, I hope Richt keeps doing this with the uniforms. Its fun to do something different – oh and it made me look smart, I called it in my pregame post.

At least we dont wear jean shorts, cargo shorts, tank tops and mullets. I was amazed by the class of the Florida people. As I sat and watched the people you saw the Georgia fans in their game day attire. The girls in their pretty dresses and the guys in the gameday pants and polos. At the opposite end of the spectrum you had the Florida people. If I had a dollar for every pair of camo cargo shorts I saw, my hotel for the weekend would have been paid for. Do these people think this is in style?

Brandon Spikes should be suspended, fined whatever you want to call it for what he did to Washaun Ealey. That is unacceptable. I would love to hear what the almighty Tebow has to say about Spikes gouging at Ealey’s eyes.  class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=””>Unfortunatley I sure none of the Florida media or anyone will bring it up. Its a shame. The SEC officials at the game should have clearly seen what he did. But instead of throwing a flag, they were so uptight about a Georgia lineman pulling Spikes off of Ealey they couldnt see what truly happened. Also, I remember watching Spikes level Knowshon last year. It was a great hit, no doubt but just get up and go back to your side and celebrate with your team. Do not continue to lay on Moreno and talk junk. Its players like this that become the negative role models for kids. I guarantee Mark Richt would do something about Spikes, we will see if Meyer does. And another thing, it is so clear on the replay but the CBS announcers never said anything about it in their commentary. And just a side note, he was offsides before the play, there is clearly a blue line of scrimmage down and Spikes is over it, another missed call by the SEC. How many are they going to miss this year? Here is a link to watch it.

I appreciated the fact that everytime a Georgia player would get into a scuffle with a Florida player, the whole team would join in and push back. Even at the end. It showed we were not scared. We may have lost the game, but we never quit trying the whole game. We even managed to sack Tebow towards the end. I was excited about that.

It was the funnest weekend of the year so far. An awesome time in St. Simons and a blast at the Travelodge in Brunswick. All in all with everything I could control a great weekend. I cant wait till next year.

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