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“Ill take a win anyday…”

November 7, 2009

Well the first half looked magical…Too bad it was against a team that my high school could have come close to beating.

The effective mix of run and pass along with a defense that seemed as if it could do nothing wrong made for a solid first half for the Dawgs. The only problem. Still too many penalties. But all in all I cant complain. For a team that had struggled the past weeks I was happy to see the Dawgs put up some points. The play calling – on both sides of the ball – was great. Of course its easy for it to be great when you are playing a team like Tenn. Tech. I thought the Brandon Smith run was a great idea. The only problem? It was a week late. Why not try something like that against Florida when you have nothing to lose. The blitzes from the defense were used effectively. The team ended up with six sacks. Two of those came from Justin Houston’s replacement – Montez Robinson. In fact, the defense was in the Golden Eagle’s backfield all day long resulting in negative rushing yards for the game. That being said, there is a chance that I could have started on Tenn. Tech’s o-line and in that case, Georgia defenders would have had a field day. I cant complain much about the game so here are some thoughts about a few things from the game.

-The fans. Im a realist. I cannot expect Sanford Stadium to be packed to its gills on Homecoming Saturday but I thought the emptiness of the stadium was very disappointing. I cant imagine how it felt for the players to run out of the tunnel to almost an empty endzone section. I know I was upset with the entire effort from the Bulldog nation. Way too many seats were empty at halftime and only a handful of the 92,000 were there to see the final ticks go off the clock. I dont care who else was playing, a true Dawg stays till the end. The team cant leave at halftime, why should we?

-Offense going back to the roots. The use of the rushing attack and the tight end was a breath of fresh air today. It reminded me of the glory days of the past. Over three hundred yards rushing spread across a plethora of backs. Mark Richt was looking for some young receivers to carry the load that Green would have carried but the load quickly fell upon the shoulders of Aaron White and Orson Charles. Charles led all pass catchers on the day with three catches for 42 yards. Maybe this was a sign of going back to what has worked in the past for the Dawgs and try and right the ship for the last three games of the season.

-Team Consistency. The sign of a good team is consistency. Today we had that consistency. There was a consistent run threat from various backs. Joe Cox had a consistent threat through the air to balance out the attack. The defensive pressure was consistent. There were always red shirts in the backfield. A welcome sight for sore eyes. The special teams was again consistent. Drew Butler laced two punts inside the ten yard line. Blair Walsh connected with a field goal and every extra point. Our loan kickoff return was a joke considering they kicked it about 30 yards. The only problem: the kickoff coverage. A few times the Eagles got out to the thirty or forty yard line. Unacceptable. AJ Greek and I were discussing at the game the lackluster effort of our kickoff coverage team. Too many players were tip toeing down the field. The solution: kick it deep. Walsh can kick it through the end zone every time, let him please. The opportunity cost of risking a return is too high.

-I was very proud of the defensive effort this week. The Eagles only had 55 yards of total offense. I know they didnt have a first down, or possibly a play for positive yards until the second quarter when the game was already in hand. I know it didnt silence the critics for Willie but if he can use it to gain some momentum for the rest of the season it would be nice. I dont know if it is too late for him or not. I feel bad but at the same time I feel a change needs to come. Its sad but college football has become a business and if you dont bring the best, you are gone. Simple facts. That being said I hope the rest of the season goes well for Willie and I wish him the best if indeed this is his last hoorah.

-I hope everyone enjoyed this little break in the season. The next three weeks are going to be trying time for the Bulldawg faithful. Auburn next week will be a big test. We will see what this team is made of when they are down and no one has much faith. Lets face it, the outlook is bleak in Athens. Will the team resurrect the season and get some of the coaches out of the fire? I cant wait for next Saturday when the Tigers come to town. There is still nothing I would rather be than a Georgia Bulldawg!!

Until next time, “You stay classy Classic City.”

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