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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow…

November 29, 2009

So here we are… The end of the regular season, and what a note we left it on.

I’m still speechless…. even this long after the game. Who did we lend our jerseys to? That certainly wasn’t UGA playing out there. We were probably playing in all black somewhere else in the nation. The problems that we’ve faced all season suddenly became nonfactors. Lack of an effective running game? Here’s 349 yards. Terrible defense led by a terrible DC? Here’s stopping one of the best rushing attacks in the nation (their leading rusher was Nesbitt… with 40-something yards…) Time of Possession issues? Here’s dominating all game with our rushes and ending up on top by a minute. Turnovers? Here’s +1 for the second time in the season. Penalties? Here’s only 5. (ONLY five…. oh how true that statement is….)

Honestly. I need to skip games more often. I was unfortunate enough to be attending a cousin’s wedding throughout the greater part of this game. Fear not however, Bulldog Nation, for I had the auto-updating on my blackberry out the whole time. (what a good cousin I am…) I searched the church for a television but had no luck. I made it home just in time to see our defense hold off their last-ditch effort in the 4th.

MAN, even as I type this, I still don’t even know what to talk about. For once, there’s too many GOOD things to talk about:

-Willie Martinez came out like a man with a mission, for once. And great timing too, as this was most likely his last game as Defensive Coordinator. I’m jumping the gun a bit, but it appears that his swan song has been sung. Obviously people have been calling for his blood all year, but today in the pre-game, there were multiple rumors from “viable sources” saying that he planned to step down after this game. David Pollack even tweeted that he was sure that Martinez was through. The next couple of days should be interesting. I, personally, have no doubt that he will step down. I think he realizes that the entire Bulldog Nation realizes that his time is up, and I think he handled it like a champ. He came out and rallied his players to play their hearts out. At one point while i was watching the game on my TiVo later in the evening, I swear I saw a tear or two in his eye. Here’s to you, Willie. It’s been up and down the whole time you’ve been here, and I know I hated you all year this year, but you handled it like a man. Thank you for the work you’ve done.

-Washaun Ealey. WASHAUN EALEY. WASHAUN EALEY. I cannot even begin to type the love that I feel right now. This man is the future. I’m not discrediting Caleb King’s performance one bit, but Washaun Ealey was the most impressive player on the field tonight. Maybe the most impressive in the nation tonight. He rushed for 183 yards tonight, and almost every single one was amazing to watch. He hit every hole he was supposed to. He darted and leaped for 10+ yards multiple times. My brother and I were commenting as we were tracking the game on the BlackBerries that it seemed to us that multiple times tonight, Washaun did all of the brute work of getting the ball down the field and then Bobo gave it to Caleb to clean up and get the touchdown. Upon reviewing the game via TiVo, it appears to be true. Washaun handled that field like a pro. He wore the words “I Run” and “This State” on his eyeblack tonight, and he proved it.
sidenote: I really was impressed with Caleb King as well. He turned in 166 yards and 2 TD for the evening. I just have a mancrush on Washaun Ealey. I’ve created a facebook group to try and convince Washaun to continue wearing #24 after this season. He’s said he wants to change to #3, but come on…. He’s THAT good. He needs to rep Knowshon… not Bryan Evans.

Those are the main two talking points I wanted to address. I have no doubt that Stinchcomb is going to come on here, probably tomorrow, and write to his heart’s delight. I just wanted to get those things out of the way.

Thanks for stopping by, Bulldog Nation.

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