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November 30, 2009

As my friend Herschel Blogger so sweetly summed up it was a bitter sweet end to the season for the Dawgs! How great it was to beat the nerds and keep the streak alive at Bobby Dodd – which by the way is the worst stadium Ive ever been too, more about this later. I loved watching the spunk the Bulldogs came out with. From pregame warm ups it was hard to tell which was the one loss team. UGA looked much more fired up and ready to play. I dont think Mark Richt would have condoned this but the players jumping up and down at midfield and yelling at the Techies before the game was great. We were not scared, we were ready to play. I could probably point out a few negatives but with the season we have had Im going to avoid it and reflect on the good things we did.

-I believe we ran the ball 13 consecutive times. Washaun Ealey and Caleb King need to take to offensive line out to eat every night this week for those yards they gained. The unit played as well as I have seen an offensive line play in a while. Georgia’s front 5 would consistently move the line of scrimmage forward every play. I love to see the big uglies making plays happen. Just think Georgia has all those guys- minus Vance -coming back next year. The future is bright there.

-Willie Martinez needs to tag along on the dinner and take his defensive line, plus Rennie Curran, out for a steak dinner this week too. The rotation of Geno, Jeff, Justin Houston and the gang did an INCREDIBLE job on the option. For the majority of the night the triple option was limited to two and sometimes one option. Dwyer was held in constant check and many times Nesbit had nowhere to run. In addition to the line, Curran was his usual self but I dont think I have ever seen him play with the passion he did last night. He really did intend to get them back for tearing apart the hedges. He was like a heat seeking missile to the ball. Please dont go pro Rennie!! As a side note, Rashad Jones had a very respectable game. He made amends for last year, I just wish he played every game that way.

-Im going to throw a very big bone to Richt for the way he prepared his team for that game. He was all business. I did not realize what he had said about not celebrating till the clock read zero but he was right to get angry at his players for dumping the gatorade at the end of the game. He has to get the program back on the right track. You can celebrate all you want after but those 60 minutes should be all about football. Focus is what he needs to get back. He took a big step in that direction on Saturday. Kudos to Richt. I dont think he will fire anyone at the end of the season, I do think that Willie will step down as D-coordinator though. I do agree with what Richt has been saying through it all, I would love to see what would have happened with the season had the ball bounced Georgia’s way a few more times.

-The way our players celebrated at the end of the game I thought was very fitting with what the nerds did last year to Sanford. I was happy to see Drew Butler kick up part of the painted GT and carry it around like they did to the hedges last year. It was good to see Prince Miller take a victory lap with the flag. And just as a side note, on said victory lap Miller was hit with a cup from a nerd in the stands I have never seen a security gard move so quickly to get to someone. He had one heck of a forty time and vertical jump to get from his post on the other side of the field to the offending nerd. The band played “All the way Turnt Up”  and the players celebrated for a good twenty minutes after the game was over. It was a fitting end to the season. All the emotions came out, it was a good deal.

-Now to the not so grand Bobby Dodd Stadium. My seats were above the lights, no lie and my section was very dark, not a light anywhere. Im glad there wasnt an emergency, it would have been hard for security to see. I did not enjoy the use of the video board. How many times can you use the same video of whoever singing all the way turnt up? Too many. The strobe light “Louder” should be outlawed. It was making me sick and blurring my vision. Seems like a big liability for the nerds. The concession stand sold four types of drinks and a small coke was $4. Ridiculous. The only good thing: the bathrooms. Very clean. No lines. good stuff. Oh yeah and I almost forgot the most “Tech” thing of all, the nerds had designed some sort of contraption that sent soap bubble stars and GT signs floating up into the night. Dont they have anything better to do there? The balloon arch looked like something from my high school homecoming-I know its a Tech “tradition”- still very nerdy. The only thing missing from the whole thing was a giveaway of pocket protectors and TI-83s – those are calculators for us common folk. But seriously so many “Tech” things Im so glad Im in Athens.

-This was a fitting end to a season of so many surprises, mishaps and what have yous. Hopefully later this week I will get out a post about the season and all its up and downs, twists and turns. But until then, now more than ever, “Its Great to be a Georgia Bulldog!!”

Until next time, “You stay classy Classic City.”

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