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Farewell Mighty Tebow

December 6, 2009

Saturday marked the end of one of the most storied players in SEC history. Tim Tebow will never again play a game against another SEC opponent. And even through the hate I have built up for Tebow and the entire Florida roster over the past four years, I could not help but feel bad for Tebow as he kneeled in tears in the waning moments of the SEC championship.

From the time that Tebow entered the conference as a freshman, he has had an impact. Coming into games for one and two plays in short yardage situations to get the job done. He was a player full of excitement. He was a player any Florida fan could love but a player the majority of football fans loved to hate. I myself was one of the latter. His spunk, his fire, his sheer “perfectness” ate at me and upset me. Sitting there Saturday watching him see his season slipping away changed something in me. I began to feel bad for him. While the pregame adoration of Tebow still upset me, I could not help but think of how much he had given to his program over the past four years. He was an incredible leader. He was a man of strong faith. He was very selfless.

I always wondered what if Tebow played for Georgia? I do not think he would have been nearly as successful, but I wonder if I would have liked him? As I sit here today, I am almost sure I would. You would be hard pressed to find someone with the passion he has for the game that he loves. The intangibles he has makes not only himself, but those around him better. Every team could use a player like Tebow.

One of the most impressive things though that I will take from Tebow is the way he carried himself through the loss yesterday. After the game, of course the CBS people wanted an interview with him. He was willing to do an interview and even in the most emotional of states, was able to put together complete sentences that actually made sense. He knew exactly what to say and was very complementary to the Tide. He ended his interview with his normal “God Bless” and then walked away. What a classy guy?

So through it all, I will be happy that Georgia no longer has to face the mighty Tebow but I wish him well.I dont know how he will do as a professional but he tends to always prove people wrong and do thing people says he cant do so Im sure he will be fine. Good look Mr. Tebow, Ill be watching.

Until next time, “You stay classy Calssic City.”

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