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So is Meyer still the coach?

December 27, 2009

I want to start out with the fact that I recognize that Urban Meyer’s situation garners respect and sympathy but I want to just look at this from an outside prospective.

A lot about what has gone on in the past twenty-four hours has not made a lot of sense  to me, culminating with the pointless press conference earlier this afternoon. Not much that has come out of the situation has made much sense to me. I understand the fact that he has some concerns with his health and I hope that he can get those in line and live a healthy life again soon.

What I dont understand is why Urban Meyer decided to come out with this news and then decide something different. If you are going to come out with news of this magnitude in this day and age you better have your facts straight and your decisions made. I dont really care why he decided to “take a leave of absence” instead of “resign.” I also dont understand why at the beginning of the press conference today he said he wanted to concentrate “full steam ahead” on this bowl game and was not going to speculate on the whys and hows precisely. Im sorry but if you are going to announce something like that, you are going to have to answer detailed questions, of course the public wants to know.

Another thing I would like to know is why Meyer says he was encouraged to consider “taking some time off”  and that Foley (or whatever the athletic directors name is) says he supported whatever decision Meyer made and did not say anything about encouraging him to take time off? Who encouraged him to take some time off? If it wasnt the athletic director, I dont know who it was. Just another question about the whole sticky situation I would like answered.

So here is my beef. If you do truly want the attention to be on the game then why not wait until after January 1st to announce the decision? If you are going to change your mind on something this big then clearly you have not put enough time or thought into your decision and the extra time would be nothing but good. So why not wait?  And why have a press conference where you are not going to answer any specific questions or make a timetable for your return or talk about any of the details of what needs to be done? It is not just that he happens to coach for the team that I hate the most. If Mark Rich would have made a decision like this only days before the bowl game and then change his mind and say he wanted all focus to be on the bowl game I would be upset. It, and the whole situation, just dont make much sense to me. By all means, Urban get healthy, but next time think before you talk and if you are going to make the decision be willing to answer questions about it.

Thats all I will say about the situation. I really do hope that Meyer gets better but I just wish he would think or make some sense out of the situation. And like Herschel says, I am sorry for my lapse in posting. Exams came up and then I had to spend some time with the family. In the coming days I am going to post a New Year’s Resolution for the Dawgs in 2010.

Until next time, “You stay classy Classic City.”

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