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The Corch is Still the Corch… for now

December 27, 2009

Corch Meyer has come back out and said that he’s not officially stepping down… just stepping aside for an undisclosed amount of time. Their Offensive Coordinator will be serving as interim head coach. Thanks a lot, Brett Farve.

Hopefully he stays the interim head coach long enough to cause some damage. I feel that if it lasts long enough, it may cause more damage than hiring a new coach would. We can only hope.

Let me also just say that we here at Behind the Columns are not completely inhumane. We feel bad for the Corch’s current situation and really do wish him a speedy recovery from whatever it is that is ailing him. We (I) just got a bit too excited when the news broke last night about all the possible ramifications.

That being said, I still hope that it weakens their team.

I also want to apologize to anybody that actually reads this site. I was unaware that it had been 20 days since we posted last. I don’t know how we expect to generate any consistent readers when we can’t even consistently post, but I assure you that things will be different. So yes, look to have a new post almost daily from us. The first one up to bat will be a post about New Year’s Resolutions for the Dawgs. I think Fratt is going to be writing that one either later today or tomorrow. So enjoy it.

As always, thanks for stopping by,

-Herschel Blogger

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