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The Final Word

December 29, 2009

Well there is not much to say that hasnt already been said but here are a few of my points from the game:

-So much for the shootout? Looks like the fill in GAs and Rodney Garner did a good job. A&M might have had a ton of yards but all that matters at the end of the day is points and it looks like we had more. Whats more, two Georgia interceptions and constant pressure from the Dawgs defensive line spelled trouble for the Aggies. More than once did I see Jeff Owens and Geno Atkins bull rush the offensive lineman and put pressure on the quarterback. Looks like the SEC really has a leg up on the Big 12.

– It was refreshing to see the offensive line and the rushing attack get going after a slow start. It was true what Richt said at the half, A&M was really coming with a lot of run pressure on early downs shutting it down. I think we finally started to figure that out in the second half and open the play calling up a little bit on early downs. That eventually opened up the run again on first down and we put together another 200 yard rushing day. Only if we could have done that at the beginning of the year.

-On a completely unrelated note, the announcers for ESPN this game were horrendous! I couldnt understand what they were saying half of the time. I think Im going to submit my application. I could do better than these guys with my eyes closed. Wow.

-I was delighted to see Boykin take another return to the house. Its amazing what he can do. I look forward to seeing him in the next few years. He has already set the career return record for Georgia; the sky is the limit! I was surprised to see that Smith was a non-factor. I feel like we could have used him to open up the middle towards the beginning of the game. With all the run pressure they were bringing up the middle, a sprint to the outside might have been just what we needed to open up the running lanes.

-I was very nervous at the end of the first half when all of our points came from the special teams. I was afraid it was going to turn into another Tennessee game where all our points were going to come from somewhere other than the offense which would spell disaster for the Dawgs. I was happy to see the offense and defense finally work together and put some points up. Creating turnovers and turning them into points. Genius plan. And again look what happen. We won the turnover margin, we won the game – a recipe for success.

-If this game did one thing for Rennie Curran it should encourage him to come back. Missing the first quarter really hurt and from there it appeared he couldnt get into a rhythm. On two separate occasions I saw him get juked out by Johnson leaving Curran grabbing nothing but air. Rashad Jones – in my mind – should not even consider going pro. He has a lot to improve on in coverage and another year could help him improve his draft position.

-I would like to give a shout out to Herschel Blogger for almost correctly calling the score and predicting no shoot out. Kudos. He literally made his momma proud. Way to go!

-Finally, this season could have gone a lot differently. Wins against LSU and Kentucky and another ten win season is under CMR’s belt. Refer to my earlier post about what could have been for the 2009 season. So many near misses and close calls. Of course thats why its a game of inches. I really dont know what Im going to do on the weekends in Athens without a Saturday of Georgia football. Fall cant come fast enough.

Until next time, “You stayclassy Classic City.”

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