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The Joker Has Been Defeated

January 13, 2010

Okay, so I suppose I can’t even call Lane Kiffin the “Joker of the SEC” anymore. For one, he’s obviously not “of the SEC” anymore after today’s reports of his resignation (I can’t even call it that… more like clusterf***.) Also, being that Joker Phillips is the new coach of Kentucky, the name’s pretty much shot to hell, isn’t it?

But I think I may just need to echo every Georgia, nay, SEC, blog out there when I type an all-inclusive, WOW.

Sure, It’s 2:45am on a school night… But could I resist this blogger’s paradise of a topic? Nay, I could not.

Reactions to this haven’t been fair and balanced in the least bit…. and why should they? Lane Kiffin entered the scene last year on fire. He quickly made a name for himself as, (pardon my French,) the asshole of the SEC. But you know what? It worked. Drastically. Sure, Tennessee didn’t have a BLOWOUT season. Sure, it ended on a sore note in their bowl game. But people around the SEC and the nation, myself included, truly started to believe that perhaps this young man may just actually have “a plan.” I’ll be the first to admit it. I was scared of Lane. He roared onto the scene, declaring Tennessee to be the next hot thing, and especially with their trashing of the Dawgs (which I was in attendance that fateful day…) I believed him. He declared the state of Georgia to be a recruiting battlezone, and with his (soon to be nullified) successes in the Peach State, he lived up to that claim. He announced that as long as he was Tennessee’s head coach, they’d never lose to Georgia again. Sadly enough for the Vols, that proved true.

Now, I am by no means a Vols sympathizer. In fact, other than Florida fans (see right,) the Tennessee fans are by far my least favorite people in all of college football. But I can’t help but feel for them. I don’t care who you are… What Lane did was just low. He just took a proverbial crap on the entire history of the Tennessee football program. Now, here in the SEC we pride ourselves on our history and our tradition. Each big named team in this conference has fans that can probably talk about the days that their grandfather spent on campus. What’s it going to be like to tell this story??

Tennessee fans reportedly charged the athletic offices there in Knoxville and burned Kiffin memorabilia in effigy. Honestly, I don’t blame them. Apparently the crowds got so rambunctious that tear gas had to be deployed. With no disrespect to Kiffin’s family, I hope that these types of shenanigans continue. Some may say that I am putting too much emotion into something so “small” as college football… But come on now, this is the South. College football IS what we do. To spurn one of our establishments as Lane did is to spurn the entire SEC. and to spurn the SEC is to spurn the entire South. Lane, you might as well be General Sherman burning Atlanta, because I guarantee you that every soul south of the Mason-Dixon line feels this way right now. I hope the NCAA screws you over out West.

Okay…. I got all of that out of my system. He’s gone, the Vols are mad, but now it’s time to start thinking like a Dawg. The country bumpkins in that hideous color can cry and moan all they want, but those of us that bleed red and black can start to rejoice. This news can ONLY mean good things for the bulldogs. For one, Kiffin’s recruits are basically all up for grabs now. While Lane may drag some of them out West with him, a good plenty will be looking elsewhere. Reports are in that at least one of their top recruits has decided to check Florida out. With signing day so close, we can only hope that some of our Atlanta boys come back down to the Peach State. Also, Kiffin’s debacle also leaves the Tennessee program in shambles. They have appointed an interim coach with a silly name, which can only mean good things. This means that the SEC East race just became a bit easier. I’m projecting my annoying optimism, I know, but with Corch Meyers’ potentially vacationing to sooth his heart this season, and Tennessee in dire need of a friend…. Don’t things look good for our boys? It’s strange to say, but right now… South Carolina may be the biggest Eastern name on my mind. Who would have thought that Spurrier and Garcia would be the ones that I would be worried about at this point and time?

Alas, I have gotten ahead of myself. Florida is Florida, so it’s still a safe bet that they’ll put a quality thing together come gameday… Tennessee however could not be more ruined. I refuse to let myself think too much about the Eastern race because I know I’ll just start getting giddy. Can you imagine not finishing in the Top 25 and then returning to clutch the Eastern division title? I get goosebumps. How sick would it be for that to happen, and then to defeat KIRBY SMART in the SEC Championship? The ESPN storylines are already coming together in my mind. But that’s months away. For now, bulldawg faithful, simply take solace in the fact that we have Mark Richt. It kinda makes all of that mid-season ridiculousness about his seat being hot sound foolish, doesn’t it? Our boy CMR would NEVER, (I repeat,) NEVER screw us like the Kiffinator. Sure, he’s short with the media. Sure, he’s mild-tempered on the field. But if this Volunteer issue teaches you nothing else, let it be a soothing reminder that all is well in the Bulldawg Nation. CMR will make our hire soon, and it will be better than any blogger’s little mind could have ever imagined it to be. Have faith, my fellow dawgs. Hell, at least we aren’t this guy:

til next time,

Thanks for stopping by, Bulldog Nation.

-Herschel Blogger

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