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Wait and See

January 25, 2010

Ever since the initial let down of not getting Kirby Smart to replace Willie Martinez, Georgia fans have been drooling over newly hired DC Todd Grantham. He seems to fit just about every qualification that Mark Richt and the entire Bulldog Nation was searching for. He is a no bs guy who has tons of football knowledge and experience and is eager to make the rest of the SEC fear the Junkyard Dawgs again. I have to say that I have not been immune to the excitement around campus and the entire fan base. This guy just has it all. He coached under Frank Beamer and Nick Saban, has Tons of NFL experience with which he can lure recruits to Athens, and he is implementing much needed change in the defensive scheme. All of this being said, I think the entire country and especially SEC fans have learned a valuable lesson recently about “counting your chickens.” Lane Kiffin drove into Knoxville hailed as the man that would return the glory to Tennessee. Fans and writers alike applauded his confident style and didn’t think twice about calling out Urban Meyer (even though he was mistaken) and committing what HAD to be a record number of secondary violations. Less than a year later, Tennessee was left high and dry with no coach, a war zone in Knoxville, and a ton of violations. I’m not really trying to say that Todd Grantham will in Any way commit the fore mentioned acts, but as far as hailing him as the next Erk..I think I will wait and see. It all seems to good to be true and I certainly hope it isn’t the case. I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade because I want this guy to succeed very much, but it is no small thing to come to the SEC at the height of its strength after being in the NFL for more than a decade and bring in a new defensive scheme while trying to placate a Bulldog Nation that is hungry for championships.

Now as soon as I have warned you not to get too excited too soon…How Bout Georgia Basketball! I mean obviously our success is only exciting relative to our recent lack there of, but Mark Fox is turning a few heads in the SEC and if he keeps it up he may attract some national attention. The way the season began and the way the Hoop Dawgs are playing now tells me how good of a job Fox has done in his short time with the team. Early losses to Wofford and UAB are a good measure of how good the raw talent on the team really is. But later wins against Georgia Tech and Tennessee as well as very close calls against Kentucky and Ole Miss demonstrate how Fox has made this team better than the sum of its individual parts and gotten them to buy in to his system. It really is staggering to watch this team. I can’t keep remarking on how many points the Dawgs score in the paint without any obvious inside big men. The vision of the guards and the fantastic inside movement all around has made this a dangerous team. No promises on any championships in the near future but look forward to more photo finishes with Big teams and just as many performances where Georgia looks like a contender. The men’s progress along with a very successful Lady Dogs team is making Athens a great location for big time basketball recruits.Go Dawgs!


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