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Gray, Mett, and Other Off-Season Shenanigans

April 27, 2010

First off,

to say “I’m sorry” doesn’t even begin to cut it. We here at Behind the Columns messed up. We messed up big time. We let you guys down and allowed our blog to become irrelevant. We allowed this page which we were once so fond of to die a quick and meaningless death. I apologize with all that is in my Red and Black heart.

Sad Panda

I know that our absence made you a saaaaddd paandddaaaa....

That being said… Can you blame us? The off-season is really, REALLY boring in the blogosphere. People just rehash the same old opinions and news stories until everybody out there is seriously bored to death. There’s only so many times you can talk about Mettenberger’s release before: 1) he stops being a real person to you and starts just being a “news” story, and  2) you learn that you really don’t have anything else to say other than what Hale and Co. have said. So it was with that understanding that we left you. We focused our attention on partying it up in Athens. Besides, when there’s (relatively) no football to think about/discuss/stress over, what better way to spend your time than in Bourbon Street? (btw, Stafford made an appearance Friday night.)

Anyway, onto the meat of the post. I never meant to say that we don’t have ANY opinions on all of the current matters, it is just that there have already been multiple reputable bloggers that voiced our exact opinions, so we felt it unnecessary to add to the clutter. But let’s start tackling some of what is being discussed:

Zach Mettenberger:
First off, let me just say that I do not, in ANY way, relate to the thousands of commenters (specifically on the AJC) who have the “good riddance” mentality on this one. I just simply cannot understand how the majority of the Nation can go from being surprised and partially sold on the kid after G-Day to calling him “scum” within like a week. If that doesn’t fit the mold of the prototypical “Bandwagon Bulldog” fan, then I don’t know what does. I’ll be honest, I was never on the Mett-train going into the Spring and I felt indifferent when he was arrested, but even I was singing his praises after watching him weave his bullet passes on that sunny Saturday afternoon between the hedges. I believe I even texted Hale “I may be Team Mett after that one.” at the conclusion of the game. So first and foremost, may I just say that we lost a terrifically skilled kid and a serious contender for the #1 spot in our hearts? I feel for the kid and for the Nation as a whole.

Montez, Trent Dittmer, and Others:
After reading this afternoon about the walk-on O-Lineman’s arrest, I must say that I’m just kind of ashamed. Note that “kind of.”  Montez aside, these kids are getting booted for alcohol related offenses. I’m not condoning those actions, I’m just saying. I’m a 20 year old college guy… I kind of relate. Do all of these arrests make our program laughable to others in the nation? Yes, but not as badly as everyone is making it out to seem. Guys, these are COLLEGE KIDS. Drinking happens. Yes, they’re facing their consequences and that is exactly what needs to be done. But I think the blogosphere can lighten up a bit. Mett’s the only serious loss we’ve had. Trent, (whom I am personally friends with,) probably wasn’t going to see the field in his remaining year.
Just saying that tabloid(read: AJC) fodder that is casting fire and brimstone on Richt and the whole program needs to stop. Every program has arrests. Ours have just happened within a few weeks of each other and all include that lovely liquid of courage.

Logan Gray:
I’m not sold on the transfer rumor. I think he has thought about it (probably for multiple years now) and maybe talked to Richt about it specifically, but I am saying right now that he is staying in Athens. Marc Weiszer had a great interview today
with Logan’s H.S. coach, and based on his answers and my own general distrust of any rumors the AJC reports on makes me say with a good deal of confidence that Logan’s going to stay. There’s no reason for him to go, honestly. NONE. He’s an injury away from starting at his dream school (which consistently is in the national spotlight) and he has two years here to maybe get his shot. YEAH, I know that nobody wants to wait around for their entire career, but hundreds of football players do it everywhere. Why would he transfer? If he has higher football dreams of playing in the NFL, he’s never going to make it by transferring. Why? because he’ll only have 1 year of eligibility at any D-1 school he transfers to. Who’s going to want a 1 year QB? (maybe Tennessee or South Carolina, but that’s highly doubtful.) and if he drops down to D-2 to have 2 years…. Well, let’s just say that it’s a long road from D-2 to the NFL, and if he couldn’t beat out Joe Cox or Aaron Murray, then he probably hasn’t a chance. I just do not see the logic in such a decision, and I’m sure that all of the coaches that he talks to will tell him the same thing. A transfer would be a childish pouting decision.

Thoughts on 2010 in General:
Yeah, I could go on about some of this stuff. But it’s 2am and I have a test at 9:30am… So let’s wrap things up. Despite everything that’s happened and everything I read… I remain hopelessly (and probably insanely) optimistic about the 2010 season. Occasionally I like to sit down and have my little fantasy where Aaron Murray steps up and turns the Bulldog Nation on it’s head, Todd Grantham’s 3-4 is an immediate success and opposing QBs refuse to come on the field in fear of getting hurt, and Florida’s entire program blows up, but I try to wake myself up and be a realist from time to time as well. I understand that there will be growing pains for our QB and our new D. I can’t deny those. Still, I have the utmost confidence in Richt and the rest of the coaches. This team will be coached up and it will be coached right. I see a 10-win season as a very attainable goal. Anything more, and I know that I’ll be able to tell my kids about this season. Anything less, and I’m willing to accept it. I know that this could very well be a rebuilding year, I just have faith that it will be built as a strong and impenetrable stone wall. As always, Bulldogs, GATA.

Thanks for stopping by, Bulldog Nation.

-Herschel Blogger

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  1. April 28, 2010 11:29 am

    ” We focused our attention on partying it up in Athens.”

    Best excuse, evah!

  2. April 28, 2010 11:41 am

    Stafford was also around town for Twilight on Saturday… saw him on Clayton with some sorostitutes heading in the general direction of Firehouse

  3. Cojones permalink
    April 29, 2010 2:42 pm

    We need this upbeat vibe that is going out of vogue with many writers and bloggers taking themselves too seriously. Get back on the pony. We need you for the summer. Logan needs you as well, since he is being insensitively p[ounded by those who should know better. Go Dawgs!

  4. MESSENGER permalink
    May 1, 2010 3:23 am

    “Unless Coach Richt or Coach Bobo are not there, or something else unforeseen happens, I will be a Georgia Bulldog.”

    Ok. We can keep Mike Bobo.

    National Junior Football Player of the Year according to MOST publications has chosen Coach Richt and The University of Georgia based upon the hook-up between Coach Richt and Christian LeMay.

    17-year old Junior from North Carolina talks to Coach Richt about Life this week not football, and decides this is the place for the Quarterback who is going to enroll January 1 in time to play in the next G-Day Game next year. He will be the best QB on campus January 1, as he leaves Butler in December.

    Florida, Louisiana State, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, Notre Dame, Miami of Florida, Texas A&M, and Clemson all rather figured they had him.

    His announcement came from his Church at 7 p.m. last night.

    This legitimizes our Recruiting Class for 2011. A group of wide receivers, running backs, tight ends, and offensive linemen will follow this announcement with great interest and hope to join him here.

    There is no way he Redshirts next year. He will not be here 4 years. He said he will Redshirt, but you have to look at the man, as that is his nature to say that, all the while inside he is burning it up to get ready for the 2011 season. Send him the playbook now. This will save Mike Bobo’s On-The-Job-Training.

    It is what this football program has needed for 4 years before this 2010 season we must do without him.

    State Champion 15-0 Butler High School North Carolina last year as a Junior, LeMay is the Gatorade Player of The Year in North Carolina. Now he has his Senior Season, and then January 2011, here.

    2 Interceptions and 44 Touchdown Passes last season for the State Championship, he is a Pro Style Quarterback.

    Christian also brings with him 2 younger brothers Uriah, Sophomore, and Benny 3 years behind that, and both of them will look hard here as well. Uriah could be the Starter this season at Independence, as their home becomes Independence District without them moving.

    Coach Richt has gone into North Carolina and stolen their top talent every single year. Charlotte is just up I-85 from Athens, more than an hour, less than 2.

    There is no question that Jeff Driskel is 2 inches taller, 25 lbs heavier, and frankly not as quick as Christian LeMay, but where the real difference is, is that Christian LeMay has a much stronger Pro-Style Arm.

    It’s a 50-million dollar NFL arm.

    Christian LeMay is considerably taller than Aaron Murray and faster. He is also quicker and has a better arm. In addition, he does line up under Center. Christian LeMay sort of commits and sort of doesn’t, but generally is considered to have committed, if we keep Mike Bobo, keep Coach Richt which was assured all along, and if nothing unforeseen happens – not exactly sure what that means, but Coach Richt I would certainly take that to mean, were I you Coach Richt, do NOT get another Commitment at Quarterback between April 30, 2010 and January 2011 when he enrolls.

    Our Offensive Commitments for 2011 Recruiting Class were really looking poorly again, just as they did in 2010. The Defensive Commitments for the 2011 Recruiting Class were looking Fantastic again, just as they did in 2010 after bringing in 11-year NFL Veteran Todd Grantham as our Defensive Coordinator. I still think our Running Backs’ coach and our Wide Receivers’ coach, need to switch positions. I am also totally unimpressed by the Quarterback coaching our Tight Ends, given our production at Tight Ends his 1st season with not 1 single Tight End catching more than 5 passes all of 2008 with Matthew Stafford, and especially given the fact that it took him until Game 12 of our 13-Game Season again last year to determine to start Orson Charles who only had 20 more catches his Freshman Year last year than Aron White (defending Zach Mettenberger) caught his freshman year 2008.

    This changes everything.

    THIS is the Most Significant Football Player to come to Georgia.

    Mike Bobo, say thank you.

    This is going to be fun the next 3 years starting January.

    Hey vols, you did NOT get him.

    Neither did Alabama, Louisiana State University nor Florida.

    We are going to sign some big-time Recruits on Offense now for 2011.

    Isn’t it amazing how 1 Player can change how you view the whole entire Program.

    We will not be 3-8 over the next 11 games against Top 10 Final AP Poll teams, not after January. Aaron Murray needs to hope that he doesn’t get injured again, because Christian LeMay is bigger, better, stronger, faster and far more accurate with a far better arm and quicker than Aaron Murray.
    He will be on the field 9/3/2011 ‘Tween The Hedges against Louisville, the week after against South Carolina, the week after that against Coastal Carolina, go on the road for the 1st time in his career against Ole Miss the week after that – all in September 2011.

    When you throw only 2 Interceptions and 44 Touchdown Passes as a Junior in High School, Under Armor All-America Quarterback, you are certainly a Pro-Style Quarterback. And, Matthew Stafford was the # 1 Pick in the NFL Draft with nearly $ 50 million Guaranteed Dollars last year here, never mind what he did not do here on the field for us. In fact, that says more about us than anything that despite the fact that Matthew Stafford sucked here at UGA, he still was the # 1 NFL Draft Pick – just as he had been announced to be coming out of High School.

    Guess what ?

    So is Christian LeMay, and I predict great success for Georgia with Christian LeMay starting January.

    He certainly has an Infectious Smile.

    We will NOT be Number 21 in Recruiting Rankings 2011 now, like we were this 2010 season, and we will NOT be Number 15 in Rivals like we were for this 2010 season either, because we will sign Significant Offensive Players now with Christian LeMay saying unless something happens, he is coming here. Thank you Coach Richt. I hope he can beat Florida a couple times.

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