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Expans-ageddon Watch!

June 11, 2010

Day two in our coverage of the ever-exciting, tipsy-turvy, crazy, climate-changing, College Football Conference Expansion 2010, and it is an exciting one.

It’s official, Colorado to the Pac-1x and Nebraska to the Big-1x.
It’s slightly less official, Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and OK State to the Pac-1x.

“But wait?!” you exclaim. “Texas might be leaving it’s butt-buddy Texas A&M behind?!”
It appears that way. A&M may decide to follow into the Pac-1x, but they may also choose greener pastures.
The current rumor is that A&M may look towards the SEC. If that were to happen and we were to offer them, they’d join the West and we’d probably look towards VA Tech in the East and wind up with a 14-team conference. The basic implications that such a set-up would have for our schedule would be that we would need to drop one of our Out of Conference games each year in order to accommodate the new East team.
I think that such a scenario is probably the best one available, ASSUMING we make any expansion decisions at all. I’d still rather just leave it be.

I’ll keep you updated on other things I hear.
Until next time, thanks for stopping by Bulldog Nation.

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