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Post Tebow Era and Murray’s a DGD

September 5, 2010

Okay, so I apologize for the serious lack of posts on this site. I don’t know what to say other than:
1) The other bloggers on the site have seemingly forgotten how to post;
2) Junior year is proving to be more time-consuming than Sophomore year was;
and 3) I’m having too much fun reading all of the other blogs out there, and by the time I finish, I don’t feel like I have much to contribute.

But  guys, it’s football season. IT’S FINALLY FOOTBALL SEASON. I think I can spare some minutes on this fine Labor Day weekend to share my insights from the weekend.

First of all, happy kickoff weekend. I know I’ve been looking forward to this since January and counting down the days day-by-day since May. And on that note, the weekend did NOT disappoint, so let’s get to some thoughts.
First, a few randoms:

-a lot of people (read: the national media) looked at the outcomes of yesterday very briefly and decided that the SEC was going to have a down year this year. I’ve already read 2 articles on saying things along the lines of “you can’t live on reputation all season long.” I’ll be the first to admit that Ole Miss’s showing against JaxState was horrific, to say the least, and that a number of the other games were way too close for comfort (from a conference-wide standpoint.) But I’ll also be the first to say that I still firmly believe that our middle-tier teams could take on almost any other team in the nation any given Saturday. Call it conference-homerism, or just call it experience from watching the SEC for way too long, but there’s just something in the water down here. We’ll keep that opinion in check as we witness the rest of the season, but I think it’s a bit too soon to call it an SEC Armageddon.

-On the same tune of SEC teams looking bad, though… I’m currently watching the Florida-Miami(OH) game that I missed yesterday, and I might be peeing in my pants. Granted, I’m only at the start of the second quarter (and I know Florida’s gotta score SOME to get to the 34-12 ending score) but they are looking God-awful right now. Something like 3 turnovers already and TERRIBLE rushing attempts. Their defense looks formidable, but not lights-out. MOH is currently up 3-0 and just converted a 4th down on a fake punt before I paused it. Seriously, if this is the team that takes the field this Halloween, I’m sending all my money to Vegas and taking whatever bet they’ll have on the game.

Now, onto OUR team:

-On the note of judging teams way too early, how ’bout them dawgs?! That game was everything I could have asked for and more. I had predicted a 38-13 game, and was SO pleasantly surprised. Honestly, coming into the game, I figured we’d do what we always do in cupcakes… Score a few points early on, not look too amazing on D and give them a few first downs and eventually a few points, and then back off as the score was safe and play 3rd stringers and basically just have a very vanilla day. “Au contraire,” said Grantham and Aaron Murray (the two biggest question marks going into the game.)

Todd Grantham’s new defense is looking incredible. I’m not even talking about scheme and specific plays, either. For one, I’m too stupid to notice and understand a Cover-2 or a Jailhouse blitz, AND he was playing vanilla defense in order to not give specific plays away to Darth Visor. What I’m talking about is the general attitude and feel of the defense. IT was LIGHTS OUT the whole game. They kept bringing the heat every single play and making the QB make stupid decisions. And you know what? It paid off. 3 INTs, a whopping 33% of our total INTs from last year. That amazes me. And even when we were up and the game was in our pocket, Grantham was still getting on all of our players’ asses for the blown coverage on their one TD play. If that’s not GATA football, then I don’t know what is. (As it says over at DawgSports, “You can’t spell Grantham without GATA.”)

Speaking of GATA, (which means “Get After Their Asses,” for anybody that might not know…) How about Aaron Murray? I was ridiculously impressed with this kid. Did he sh0w freshman youth in a few of his decisions? Absolutely, and that’s to be expected. The pass to La-La’s linebacker was utterly stupid, but then again the ACTUAL INT that he incurred was not his fault, so I’d say the two evened out. Besides that pass, I think he was very wise in all of his passing decisions. and WOW! How about his scrambling?! Some people (Richt) might say that his 20yd touchdown run was foolish and a mistake, but I say it showed me everything I want in a QB and more. He’s a true dual threat. He’s being himself out there, and it’s showing us why he was such a highly touted recruit. I STRONGLY look forward to watching him work with a few more weapons next week as Washaun, T.King, and (God, I pray) AJ return to play, but look for him to be a playmaker all throughout this year. What’s that noise? I think it’s the Freshman All-American team calling… Let’s hope he answers.

Til next time, thanks for stopping by.


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