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A General Lack of Feeling

September 28, 2010

****Disclaimer, yes, I understand that Michael Adams doesn’t have quite the influence on the football program as maybe he’d like to, so what is about to follow won’t necessarily correlate but I feel it’s worth a thought/blog****

Okay Bulldawg Nation,
I’m not going to review the Mississippi State game. I’m not going to preview the Colorado game. Fact of the matter is, nobody has any idea what’s going on with our football team right now. No amount of previewing or reviewing is going to change that. Things are the way they are. Nobody expected them to be the way they are, but they are. Nobody can possibly explain it.

Many posters on many blogs have voiced all sorts of concern pertaining to the general feel of our football team. Most of their observations seem to be correct. The offense is OFF in every area except the one that we assumed it would be (see: Aaron Murray.) The defense isn’t clicking nearly as much as we would have hoped by this time in the season. Even the unstoppable special teams have had their struggles, Drew Butler’s relatively mediocre start included. Fact of the matter is, nobody can pinpoint their finger on too many SPECIFIC issues with this team. Is it the O-Line? obviously. Is it the running game? obviously. Is it the blown coverages? obviously. Is it the HORRENDOUS play-calling. absolutely. But what the hell is connecting all of these terrible issues?

Most people point to the general “feel” of the team. You watch us on any given Saturday, and you’ll agree. Something’s missing. It’s a hard concept to conceptualize, but it’s SOMETHING. It’s a general lack of “Feel.” Do the coaches/team even NOTICE when we’re losing and playing like crap? It’s hard to tell. And that’s what’s got the Bulldawg Nation up in arms. We’re pointing this general lack of feeling back to Richt, and that’s most likely the place it belongs. But as I sit here at my job as a door guy/security at a semi-popular bar in downtown Athens, I’m starting to draw similarities.

Truth is, the ENTIRE town of Athens, GA has a problem. This isn’t a problem that started simply after our football team quit performing. It started long before that; back in August when we all thought we had a legitimate chance at the East. The ENTIRE SCHOOL has a general lack of feeling. Michael Adams shut down tailgating on North Campus. Was it deserved? possibly. But truth is, it has KILLED the entire tailgating atmosphere. North Campus is a ghosttown every Saturday. Myers Quad hasn’t become the “new cool place.”  All general “FEELING” of tailgating has gone out the window. Now, the noon kickoffs that our terrible football performances have granted us also don’t help, but people used to be able to have fun from 8-12 on Saturdays. Now they’re forced to disperse and weaken their partying.

Speaking of partying, I’ll be the first (but certainly not the last) to say that there is NO WAY that UGA is the #1 party school. I’m sorry, but it’s just not true. As a student, especially a Greek student who WORKS DOWNTOWN, I have a pretty good front row seat to any and all partying that occurs, and the truth is just that it’s NOTHING like it was two years ago or even last year. (older Athenians will tell you that even then, it was nothing like when they were here… and that’s not just crap, I’m sure it’s true.) Maybe it’s Michael Adams’ insistence on us becoming a “Southern Ivy League,” but something’s off here. The cops attempted to scare the crap out of the freshmen in the first weekend of school by arresting 34 kids in one night, and unlike past years, it worked this year. Anytime Bourbon Street (the historically freshman bar) is struggling on a Saturday night (much less any other night of the week,) there’s a problem. THERE IS NO FUN IN ATHENS, GA.

From our football team’s (lack of) attitude, to our downtown scene, and even to our freshman class, something is amiss in Athens, GA. My other BtC contributers would agree with me, I’m sure.

Now, I’ve laid out the problems that I’ve seen, but the problem is that I have no answers and it makes me sad. Sad that it’s obvious I won’t see a national championship or even an SEC championship in my UGA career. Sad that I’ll probably not see the resurgence of the Athens party scene in my UGA career. Sad that the University I’ve loved, fought for, cheered for, cherished, and adored for 21 years is in such a state. Sad that the football team that I devote more time to than my girlfriend, studies, friends, and most other thoughts is struggling in such a black hole of despair. I’m feeling just a general lack of feeling.

I guess I fit in quite well in this town I so love.

I don’t know if we need to fire Dan Van Halenger, fire Searels, fire Bobo, fire Richt, fire Michael Adams, fire the fans, or fire the flaming baton girl, but SOMETHING’S gotta change in this here Athens town. ‘Cause right now, I’d give anything to have gone to school in 1980.

I want a party.

As always, thanks for stopping by, Bulldog Nation.
and thanks for remaining the Bulldog Nation, despite depressing years and depressing posts.


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  1. Kevin permalink
    September 29, 2010 2:44 pm

    ahh bourbon street. good times.

    my freshman year the freshman bar was uptown lounge. 2 points if you know what that spot is today

  2. Emory B. permalink
    October 1, 2010 9:05 am

    I agree, We can not even replace or mascot. Jeeezzzz!

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