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“Why We Love the Dawgs We Do”

October 8, 2010

This has been a season to test any fans devotion. Frustrating losses, injuries, limited tailgating in the blazing heat due to noon kickoffs, and we are only 5 games into the season. Georgia fans have been blessed to have had to deal with this much adversity only on rare occasions, but this is rough. Surely, this is a back breaking situation and I will give up and wait for next season, but as the next contest between the hedges approaches I find myself just as excited as ever.

When I wake up tomorrow morning, I will have the unique privilege of wearing red and black and tailgating in the finest college town in the land! There are very few sights that are as amazing as a sea of red and black across a tailgate. Close friends and new acquaintances joining together in a social ritual that is unmatched.

I am still excited to go to beautiful Sanford Stadium and sing Glory, Glory until my throat is soar and follow it with “To Hell with Tennessee!” until my voice is gone. I will still get goosebumps when the Battle Hymn is played regardless of our record.

No matter how frustrated I am at our O line, or our DBs, I will absolutely lose every sense of social decorum and civility when those men run out of the tunnel in their red helmets and silver britches. With every third down stop or offensive touchdown I will celebrate as though I had won some personal victory and I will swear at the referees as though they had robbed me in public every time we are penalized.

Georgia football permeates every fiber of its loyal sons and daughters and is never dependent on good times or bad times to provide us with unforgettable memories and feelings that cannot be found anywhere else. I will revel in every victory and abhor every loss no matter the situation because I am hooked. I love it and get so much enjoyment out of it just like we all do.

My happiest and saddest moments have resulted from watching the Dawgs, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. It’s hard to be a “fair weather” fan when you realize how much there is to be a part of. “It’s not just football, it’s a way of life”

GO Dawgs!

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