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Back to the Drawing Board

January 5, 2011

Like my counterpart Herschel I havent had the heart – well lets say time – to blog over the recent past and Im sure you all have missed reading my incredibly deep insight into the world that is college sports. But Im back for now at least  so feel free to pick up and start reading again. Hopefully Ill be slightly more enjoyable than Georgia’s depressing season.

Ohh where to begin? Well from what I read on some other sites it seems like a vocal majority of the Bulldog Nation has had enough of Richt – well at least Bobo – and want to see some changes around Butts-Merhe this offseason. I cant say I agree with the former but definitely feel for the latter. As I wrote in a recent comment on the Bulldogs Blog I feel like the nature of the entire program needs to be changed. Over the next few posts I will look at three phases of the revitilization that will bring the Dawgs back to annual contention in the SEC and thus the nation.

The first phase of reconstruction will start with the administration at the University. Thats Adams, McGarity, and all of their respective supporting casts. It seems like in recent memory Adams has been quite the buzz kill around Athens. From the restrictions on North Campus to the increased number of noon kickoffs the fun has been sucked out of gameday for most of us Bulldog Faithful. I had the priveledge of traveling to the Auburn game this year and witnessed the celebration that ensued after the win. As per Auburn tradition the fans toilet papered Toomers Corner. I thought to myself “Michael Adams would have a cow if he saw this.” It reminded me of a tradition that many Georgia fans used to partake in which was tailgating on North Campus. While I certainly understand that the puclic urination and defecation were uncalled for the amount of trash simply has to be dealt with. Or heres an idea, rent out tailgating spots to people each week. Allow them to bring in whatever they want but whatever they bring has to be cleaned up or a monetary penalty will be enforced. Gameday this season just didnt feel the same without the tailgaters and excitement that has surrounded a Saturday in Athens for years.

 Of course part of that could be due to the noon kickoffs which might have been “sellouts” but hardly drew capacity crowds.  Sure thats no excuse for losing games but in a college town like Athens half the students arent even awake by 12 much less filling the bleachers of the hallowed ground that is Sanford Stadium. The problem is Georgia actually requested this before the start of the season. If I recall correctly, upper level administration asked for earlier kickoffs. I would just assume we not ask anymore. There is no greater feeling than hearing those first few notes of the Battle Hymn being played as the sun sets in the western sky. If you missed it, that was exactly what happened at the Georgia Tech game and the atmosphere was electric. For one night a season full of frustration was set aside and the fans let loose and the Governor’s Cup remained in safe hands.

Bottom line is while certanily changes need to be made on the field, there are huge steps that can be taken off the field to create a winning environment. I feel like McGarity has taken steps to make sure this happens but he has to get the forever stubborn Adams on board. There is nothing better than being a Bulldog and they upper levels have to recreate that excitement that fans felt not so long ago. This winning environment will be the first step of many to getting the Dawgs back on top where so many of us feel like we should be each year.

Until next time, “You stay classy Classic City.”

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