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The idea that we had for this site was to create a UGA Football blog with a much different feel than the rest out there. UGA Football is probably a subject that has been blogged about almost to the point of redundancy, so we needed to be careful. I’m fairly certain that UGA is probably the only sports program in the nation to have as many online proponents as we do, and that’s a wonderful thing. Where that becomes difficult, however, is when dawg-loving men like ourselves decide to join in on it. Our challenge was to create a blog with enough of a difference to set us apart. We needed to do something to create an atmosphere that will encourage readers to come back to the site on a regular basis. We all read most of the other dawg blawgs out there and enjoy them, so we had to think about what we could do that would add to their contributions and not subtract from them. We decided that the answer was to come at UGA Football from a student’s perspective; specifically a Greek student’s perspective. One of the main ways we plan to do this is by having many different writers that contribute to this site. We currently have four and are in the market for a few more. We’d like to be able to look at the Dawgs from a few different perspectives while maintaining continuity. We hope to accomplish that on this blog.

We decided that it was important for the Greek students here at UGA to have a voice. Many non-Greek organizations and sources (i.e. – The Red and Black daily newspaper) have criticized the Greek community in the past for not caring about the game of Football as much as everybody else. They view us as people whosit in the 300 sections disconnected from the rest of the student body. They view us as people that show up late to the game and are more concerned with our beautiful female dates and how we’re going to sneak our bourbon into the stadium. They view us as people who are only looking for another party to attend, and the Football game just “happens” to fulfill that desire. By no means can I speak for every single Greek and say that this is all ENTIRELY untrue, but I will be bold enough to say that for the most part, they are completely off.

The Greek men (and women) that I personally know and that I personally stand with in the stadium are the complete opposite. Many times, they are louder than the non-Greeks that surround them. Is this excitement somewhat based from their intake of Natty Lights before the game? Probably. But what does that matter? They’re into the game. Also, many of my friends don’t even bring a date into the game. My brother, back in his day, used to never have a girl with him. Instead, he’d always have a portable radio plugged into his ear. When I asked him why he never had a beautiful lady with him like so many guys around him, he always would reply, “Larry Munson is my date.” Now, Scott Howard is no Larry Munson, but I see many guys still who do the exact same thing.

In fact, as I type this, I just looked around and quizzed some of my brothers on UGA trivia and famous UGA players. Everybody knew every question I asked. Every one of my friends could quote to me almost the entire UGA roster.

I think I’ve made my points that the Greek community knows their football, and knows it well. This is the main reason why we felt that we deserved a voice in all of the talk. We also value the fact that we’re students here. We interact with all the other fans on campus and even the players. I see Richard Samuel every single day waiting for my class. I hung out with Israel Troupe on Spring Break last year. This provides us with a candid “in” to the team that most other bloggers do not have. We ARE the Bulldog Nation, so we should represent the Bulldog Nation.

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  1. January 11, 2010 9:48 pm

    GATA guys!

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